Message From Management

Like our products the personality of Colours is that of leadership and understanding. We hope to provide an outlet to voice suggestions, ultimately allowing you to change the way people see the disabled and yourself. It is our goal to increase each persons experiences through mobility, education and most importantly, the general societies awareness toward people.

Yes, we believe we produce some of the best wheelchairs in the world. But, that is not what we are bragging about. What we are really proud of are the people who are using our chairs. They are in our eyes individuals who have a spirit unmatched by our competition. So, our thanks are to you the customer for joining the Colours Family and doing what you do best live your life to the fullest because when it is all said and done, it’s all about Lifestyle.

Thanks for checking out Colours N Motion Inc.

The History

From the inception of the corporation Colours ‘N Motion, Inc April 1992 our main goal was to improve the disabled peoples life though innovation in equipment and services to the disabled community. Colours was developed out of an Aerospace company that John Gunnar Box created with his two brothers.

Colours ‘N Motion designs and manufactures very specialized rigid everyday and rigid sport wheelchairs for an international market of disabled customers. John Box is the founder who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 1981.

Colours has become a turning point in the disabled market. In 1992 Colours introduced our first active rigid wheelchair weighing a mere 16 lbs. Since then we have been responsible for many great products. Two of the most outstanding introductions include a four wheel independent suspension wheelchair (BOING!®) and another record lightweight wheelchair (ZEPHYR®) weighing a mere 14.5 lbs.

In March, 2008 Colours was by Nissin Japan, took an active interest in reaching the U.S. market with their innovative products. Colours name and American spirit will help drive the demand for Japanese products.

Meet The Team

  • Ernie Espinoza
    Ernie Espinoza VP of Sales West Coast Region & Sales Trainer
  • Jose Frias
    Jose Frias Marketing Director / Media Mangement