Zephyr Everyday

With its ultra-lightweight design starting at 14.5 lbs. (including rear wheels) to its unsurpassed remarkable fit, the "Zephyr" is truly a one of a kind creation that can not be matched by any other manufacturer.


Our most tailor fit wheelchair for everyday needs of an active user.


Independent 4 wheel AirRide suspension wheelchair

In Living Colours

Tiphany Adams
After a drunk driver hit her and her friends, Tiphany Adams was pronounced dead at the scene until the paramedics heard a faint sound from her, and even the hospital said she had a 5 percent chance of survival. Now the gorgeous blonde stars in Push Girls, premiering on Sundance Channel June 4, 2012.

Team Colours

Meet Ricky James
Motocross phenom Ricky James has never backed down from a challenge. Perseverance was built into his DNA. Born in Corona, California, on August, 24, 1988, Ricky, the youngest of Rick and Tina James’s three children, began riding motorcycles at the age of 5.
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