Exgel Cushions by Kaji Corporation

Colours is the proud exclusive distributors of Exgel Cushions by Kaji Corporation
in the United States of America.  Exgel products specialize in pressure redistribution for optimized comfort and safety.
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Product Line

  • Standard Cushion – Streamlined cushion great for dispersing pressure allowing for premium comfort and safety
  • Ultra-lightweight Cushion – Our lightest product is great for the active mobile users looking for high performance protection
  • Owl Cushion – The high is recommended for clients who need pressure redistribution while providing moderate postural support

Product Features

  • Great for pressure redistribution
  • Provides streamline support for active mobile users looking for safety
  • Great “skid proof” technology for extra stability


  • High stretch water resistant cover is attached.
  • The outer fabric passed Cytotoxicity test, ISO10993-5.
    It meets flammability requirements for CA Bulletin 117.
  • Machine washable (use with laundry net recommended.)
  • Zipper on back side for easy slip on/off.
  • Strong skidproof on the bottom of the cover.