Ricky James – The Nine Time Ironman

Team Colours’ own Ricky James battled +100 degree heat this weekend in Louisville, KY to complete his NINTH Ironman recording a time of 11 hours and 7 minutes.

Ricky is now celebrating his triumphant accomplishment which is coincides conveniently alongside his birthday resting and recovering. Earlier today via Instagram he posts

Shit happens! I wanted to quit plenty of times today, but I stuck it out and pushed my brains out. My body almost won that chess game today, but the mind overcame a lot more than I was anticipating today.


As if a celebrating his ninth Ironman & a birthday wasn’t enough, Ricky is also recently engaged. We at Colours wish Ricky continued success in all of his endeavors. He does an outstanding job represnting Team Colours to the fullest.

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